Winforms Exception handling

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Sep 27, 2007 at 1:53 PM
I am using Exception Application block 3.0 and Loggin application block 3.0 to handle exceptions in my MVC architecture project. My queries are

1. When I am going to define the UI ,BL and DAL layer policies in project, I have gone through the ScaleNet book,
there they have defined "beware of rethrow Is Expensive". I would like to use the rethrow statement in DAL layer also. But my thinking is contradicting with the scalenet book. Can anybody help in this issue?

2. Do I really need to rethrow the Exceptions from DAL? If I am able to log the exception in the BAL layer and rethrowing the exception to the UI layer.

3. When I am designing the exception handling class for the winforms specially, I confussed by seeing the statement in the Enterpriselibrary help document under Exceptionhandling Application block -> Key Scenarios -> Notify to the user. It state's that

"You should never use a handler that displays a Windows Form", . Doing so can cause the applications to stop responding. Can any body suggest how to solve this?

4. Which is the best way to show the exceptions in the winforms 2.0 applications by using the Exceptionhandling Application block.