Anyone working on WCF->PIAB 4.1 integration?

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Jan 10, 2009 at 2:59 AM
Is anyone working on easy integration enabling Policy Injection Application Block (PIAB) to work at the service boundary for WCF services?

I've seen a couple articles, and there was a short disussion on the main Entlib list, but it seems once done correctly this should be a WCF behavior bundled with EntLib, or perhaps be a part of this EntLib Contrib library?

Anyway, in the link above Chris threw in some good code ideas, but since the original poster didn't mention the intent of the original code (i.e. WCF integration with PIAB) I think the solution deserves more thought (like considering when/if to expose the container outside WCF, and whether configuring the container really needs to be done in the (frequently called) GetInstance() method.

Anyway, bottom line is if someone else has already implemented this reliably for Entlib 4.1, please point me to said implementation. Otherwise, is this something I should work on and submit to Entlib Contrib?