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Test Command for Validation Rules

The Test Command for Validation Rules allows you to test and play around with validation rules from within the configuration tool.

To use the Test Command for Validation Rules:

1.) Right click a Validator node (*) and choose Test.

2. Within the dialog that appears, set the appropriate type used as input for the validator and the culture that should be used to convert the input value.

3. Start typing a value in the Value field. With every keystroke the Validator will be evaluated. A validation message (in my case <empty> will appear if the value is invalid.

4. Once a valid value was entered, the dialog will say "Value is valid"

(*) Any of the following Validators can be used:
  • ContainsCharactersValidator
  • DateRangeValidator
  • DomainValidator
  • EnumConversionValidator
  • RelativeDateTimeValidator
  • StringLengthValidator
  • TypeConversionValidator

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