COM Component Issue

Hi, I have implemented .NET COM library and using Enterprise library 5.0 for data access. Whenever, i use with COM library, it always throws "Activation Error". I verified configuration and settin...

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Add support for the ISeries server

How can i add DAAB support to ISeries ? 1 - I search full stand-alone support with a provider 2 - If not possible we can use IBM.Data.DB2.iSeries provider but it's need IBM client install on eve...

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Database Constructor Extensions (DbProviderFactory)

Hi, could you please extend the database constructors with a dbProviderFactory argument? Thanks a lot! (the code ist copy and paste ready) /// <summary> /// Initializes a new insta...

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SqlLite support for EntLib 6.0 DAAB

SqlLite support for EntLib 6.0 DAAB

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Oracle ODP.NET 11.2 data provider for EntLib 6.0 DAAB

As stated in the Entlib Developer’s Guide: “If you are working with an Oracle database, you can use the Oracle provider included with Enterprise Library and the ADO.NET Oracle provider, which requ...

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Managed ODP.NET Support (Oracle.ManagedDataAccess)

It appears that Oracle now has a Managed Library for Oracle. Can we get a EntLib wrapper added for it. This is different than the normal ODP.NET driver as it also uses a different namespace. Note:...

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EntiLib Contrib for OdpNet Bug

Hello I'm trying to do this: Database database = DatabaseFactory.CreateDatabase(ConnectionStringName); database.ExecuteNonQuery("MyPackage.MySP", ApplicationId); where ApplicationId is a Guid. An...

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Migrate DB2 provider to V5

EntlibContrib is missing the DB2 driver.

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DAAB: UpdateDataSet method Error while Insert

Hi,   I have written INSERT and UPDATE queries on a table. I am using UpdateDataSet() method for the inserts/updates to happen. I am using UpdateBehavior.Standard. It works fine when I write just p...

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Entlibcontrib 5.0.5 : Activation error occured while trying to get instance of type Database, key ""

i downloaded Entlibcontrib 5.0.5 and running the unit tests and i get this error, Not sure why? I have the config setup and the default database defined and the Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrar...

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