Add support for the ISeries server

How can i add DAAB support to ISeries ? 1 - I search full stand-alone support with a provider 2 - If not possible we can use IBM.Data.DB2.iSeries provider but it's need IBM client install on eve...

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Database Constructor Extensions (DbProviderFactory)

Hi, could you please extend the database constructors with a dbProviderFactory argument? Thanks a lot! (the code ist copy and paste ready) /// <summary> /// Initializes a new insta...

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SqlLite support for EntLib 6.0 DAAB

SqlLite support for EntLib 6.0 DAAB

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Oracle ODP.NET 11.2 data provider for EntLib 6.0 DAAB

As stated in the Entlib Developer’s Guide: “If you are working with an Oracle database, you can use the Oracle provider included with Enterprise Library and the ADO.NET Oracle provider, which requ...

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Managed ODP.NET Support (Oracle.ManagedDataAccess)

It appears that Oracle now has a Managed Library for Oracle. Can we get a EntLib wrapper added for it. This is different than the normal ODP.NET driver as it also uses a different namespace. Note:...

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EntiLib Contrib for OdpNet Bug

Hello I'm trying to do this: Database database = DatabaseFactory.CreateDatabase(ConnectionStringName); database.ExecuteNonQuery("MyPackage.MySP", ApplicationId); where ApplicationId is a Guid. An...

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Migrate DB2 provider to V5

EntlibContrib is missing the DB2 driver.

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DAAB: UpdateDataSet method Error while Insert

Hi,   I have written INSERT and UPDATE queries on a table. I am using UpdateDataSet() method for the inserts/updates to happen. I am using UpdateBehavior.Standard. It works fine when I write just p...

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Entlibcontrib 5.0.5 : Activation error occured while trying to get instance of type Database, key ""

i downloaded Entlibcontrib 5.0.5 and running the unit tests and i get this error, Not sure why? I have the config setup and the default database defined and the Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrar...

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Migrate PostgreSql provider to v5

The first release of EntlibContrib v5 is missing the PostgreSql provider. Please can this be included as soon as possible? It is preventing me from utilising other great blocks like DAAB and Query....

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