Enterprise Library Contrib v3.1 May 2009

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Released: May 5, 2009
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Release Notes

This release of Enterprise Library Contrib is a final round up of all of the Microsoft patterns & practices Enterprise Library 3.1 core user contributions containing the following:

Common extensions

  • TypeConfigurationElement<T> - Polymorphic Configuration Element without having to be part of a PolymorphicConfigurationElementCollection.
  • AnonymousConfigurationElement - Configuration element that can be uniquely identified without having to define its name explicitly.

Data Access Application Block extensions

  • MySql Provider - MySql provider for the Data Access Application Block.
  • SQLite Provider - SQLite provider for the Data Access Application Block.
  • SqlEx Provider - This provider extends the SqlDatabase provider included in the Enterprise Library Data Access Application Block. It provides additional overloads for the UpdateDataSet method so that a collection of rows or a table can be passed to the DataAdapter for update. These methods were developed to support updating datasets that have multiple tables and cascading hierarchies.

Exception Handling Application Block extensions

  • SqlException Wrap Handler - Exception handler that will wrap an SqlException with different exceptions based on the SQL Server error code.

Logging Application Block extensions

  • LogParser - Combines the benefits of the Enterprise Library Logging Application Block with the ability to deserialize from a human readable log text file all LogEntry objects back. This enables sophisticated log filter capabilities with LINQ on normal log files (.NET 2.0 and Orcas samples) with very few lines of code. The Log parser now includes a TimeStamp parser.

Policy Injection Application Block extensions

  • PostSharp4EntLib - Combines the benefits of the Enterprise Library Policy Injection and compile-time weaving by removing the limitations due to the use of remoting proxies.
  • PIAB Matching Rules
    • And Matching Rule: Combines 2 Matching Rules and evaluates to "true" only if both of contained Matching Rules evalute to "true".
    • Or Matching Rule: Combines 2 Matching Rules and evaluates to "true" if either one of contained Matching Rules evalutes to "true"
    • Not Matching Rule: Contains another Matching Rules and evaluates to "true" if the contained Matching Rules evalutes to "false".
  • PIAB Call Handlers
    • CursorCallHandler: Temporarily changes the cursor while the next handler is being processed.
    • OneWayCallHandler: Queues the call to the next handler on the ThreadPool
    • SynchronizedCallHandler: Uses ISynchronizeInvoke to invoke the next handler
    • ThreadSafeCallHandler: Synchronizes access to the next handler
    • TransactionScopeCallHandler: Wraps the next handler with a TransactionScope

Resource Application Block

Validation Application Block extensions

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