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Installing Enterprise Library Contrib v6

As explained in the EntLib v6 Developer's Guide, there is no more Enterprise Library installation. And the same applies for the Enterprise Library Contributions.

You now add the blocks you need to any Visual Studio project by using the NuGet package manager. You can find all the Enterprise Library Contributions in the Manage NuGet Packages dialog in Visual Studio by searching online for 'entlibcontrib'. You can also use Package Manager Console in Visual Studio if you prefer to work on the command line.

If you want to examine the source code, and perhaps even modify it to suit your own requirements, you can download the file available under the Downloads section.

N.B. Just in case, we packaged the binaries in a zip file and made the zip available under the Downloads section as well (look for Simply extract the content of the zip file to your EntLib v6.0 binairies folder.

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